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As a victim of violent crime, the guardian or close relative of a victim, you have certain specific rights within the Texas criminal justice system.


  1. to protection from threats of harm, arising from cooperation with peace officers or prosecutors.
  2. to have your safety, and that of your family, taken into consideration when bail is being considered.
  3. to be informed about court proceedings, including whether they have been canceled or rescheduled.
  4. to information about procedures in criminal investigations and to information about procedures in the criminal justice system, including plea bargaining.
  5. to complete a Victim Impact Statement, detailing the emotional, physical and financial impact that the crime has had on you and your family, and to have that statement considered by the judge at sentencing and by the parole board prior to taking any parole action.
  6. to be informed about the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, the payment of certain medical expenses fro victims, and the availability of social service agencies that may provide assistance.
  7. to be notified about parole proceedings.
  8. to include information in the defendant’s file to be considered by the Board of Pardons and Paroles.
  9. to be present at all public court proceedings related to the offense, if the presiding judge approves.
  10. as the victim or witness to be provided with a separate and secure waiting area while waiting to testify.
  11. to prompt return of any property of the victim when the need for that property has passed.
  12. to have the prosecutor notify the employer of the need for the victims’ cooperation during the investigation and trail.
  13. to counseling on request regarding AIDS and HIV infection, testing for AIDS and HIV infection and testing for sexual assault victims.

Click here to read the "Bill of No Rights" written by Lewis Napper.

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