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Won't you please help us by visiting these sites, printing out the petitions, and help keep convicted murderers behind bars for at least their minimum sentences?

 Throw Away the Keys

 POMC's Parole Block Program

Important Statistics

  • Nearly 4.6 million adult men and women were on probation or parole at the end of 2000, an increase of almost 70,700 during the year.
  • From 1999 to 2000 the probation and parole population increased 1.6%, less than the 3.6% average annual growth rate since 1990.
  • Among offenders on probation, slightly more than half (52 percent) had been convicted for committing a felony, 46 percent for a misdemeanor, and 2 percent for other infractions. Seventy-six percent of probationers were being actively supervised at the end of 2000; 9 percent were inactive cases and 9 percent had absconded.
  • Nearly all of the offenders on parole (97%) had been sentenced to incarceration of more than 1 year.

 U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Vital Statistics

Click here for a complete listing of correctional facilities.

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