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Book Description:
An unspoken epidemic is plaguing today's society. For every act of violence there is a growing population of loved ones whose lives have been forever changed. They are the countless people left behind by victims of violence and emotionally abandoned by society.

Waking To Tears exposes the depths of souls filled with pain and grief of losing a loved one to violence. The experiences are different but the grief is not isolated, it is an overwhelming emotion that wakes you to tears. No one is immune to violence. It touches all races, religions, sexuality and economic groups. Violence knows no boundaries. For every act of violence there are too many people who continue to wake to tears, fueling a victim epidemic.

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Book Description:
The book stems from the murder of Farah Baquer Fratta, a young, vibrant mother of three. After enduring years of the humiliating sexual perversities of her husband, Bob Fratta, Farah filed for divorce. The details of their sexual life which came out in the divorce and custody battle give an incredible insight into the mind of Bob Fratta. Faced with the prospect of losing his wife and children (and control of a hefty trust fund) and the certainty of having to pay child support, Fratta approached dozens of people with the suggestion that he was looking for someone to kill his estranged wife. He eventually found the person he was looking for: Joseph Prystash, who acted as middle-man and convinced petty criminal Howard Guidry to murder Farah. The bumbling mistakes that eventually led to the trio's arrest and arrival on death row make a joke of Fratta's internet claims of innocence.

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