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Once you step into your car and head toward your destination, fasten your seatbelts and be prepared for the aggressive driver who lacks all regard for other drivers. Beware of the tailgaters, lane-changers, red-light-runners, speeders and those who might have a gun stashed in their glove compartment.

For more information about road rage, please visit the following sites:


  1. Traffic Accident Statistics (American Institute for Public Safety)
      Provides sources of information about traffic accidents and patterns of driving. 3-00

  1. Driving Personality Test (PsychTests.com)
      Provides an online test to assess your driving personality. 11-01

  1. Road Rage - Workers Still Have Long Commutes (applesforhealth)
      A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but one thing that hasn't changed much is the amount of time it takes American workers to get to work. 12-10-99.

  2. Road Rage Found To Be Common (applesforhealth)
      Getting behind the wheel is driving many Americans mad, new research suggests. 08-27-99.

  1. Aggressive Driving - Three Studies (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - Rathbone and Huckabee)
      Reports the results of three studies on aggressive driving. 3-00

  2. Controlling Road Rage (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - Rathbone and Huckabee)
      Provides a review of literature on attempts to curb road rage, as well as the results of a pilot study. 3-00

  3. Controlling Road Rage (Healtheon and WebMD - Davis)
      Provides results of a study that showed that two forms of therapy can help reduce road rage. 3-00

  4. Driving Personality Test
      This test is designed to evaluate what kind of a driver you are.

  5. Emotional Intelligence and Road Rage (James and Nahl)
      Describes road rage in terms of the development of emotional intelligence. Provides comparisons of responses to situations with high versus low emotional intelligence related to road rage. 10-99

  6. Graduated Licensing for Teens (Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety)
      Describes one proposed solution for reducing traffic accidents, creating a longer process for teens to gain a driver's license. 3-00

  7. Road Rage - Avoiding (WB56 News)
      Provides simple safety suggestions to help prevent road rage. 2-00

  8. Road Rage - Avoiding (Youth Against Road Rage - James)
      Provides a foundation for understanding road rage and suggestions for long term and systemic prevention of it. 2-00

  9. Road Rage - Causes and Dangers (US Congress) 1
      Provides a summary of expert testimony relating to the causes and dangers of Road Rage, expressing anger to other drivers on the road.

  10. Road Rage - Causes and Dangers (US Congress) 2
      Provides a summary of expert testimony relating to the causes and dangers of Road Rage, expressing anger to other drivers on the road.

  11. Road Rage - Changing Angry Responses (Youth Against Road Rage - James)
      Provides nine steps or zones for improving emotional intelligence related to traffic situations. 2-00

  12. Road Rage - Teen's Experience (Scoggins)
      Provides a clear example of the dangers of road rage from the experience of one teen.

  13. Road Rage Control and Prevention (Drivers.com - Pepper)
      Suggests ways to prevent or control road rage. 11-01

  14. Road Rage Experienced from Others (Roy Morgan Research Centre)
      Summarizes results of a survey to determine what types of road rage or abuse were most frequently experienced from other road users. 7-01

  15. Road Rage News (Yahoo)
      Provides news stories and resources related to road rage. 3-01

  16. Road Rage Prevention (Adams)
      Provides suggestions on how to handle road rage and prevent injury from others.

  17. Road Rage Resources (Vann)
      Provides resources on road rage, even songs to prevent road rage. 10-99

  1. Road Rage - Solutions (Geller and Beasley)
      Provides a progress report on a study to find a safe and effective method for communication between cars to reduce road rage. 5-00

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